Time for Spring Clean-Up

Well, it’s spring cleaning time here in Minot. The snow has finally melted, and I bet you have noticed that your dogs have made quite a mess in your backyard over the winter. No one blames you. There was no way you were going to find all that poo in that snow. Plus, no one is chilling outside when it’s below zero out there!

But now winter is over and you want to enjoy the beautiful weather in your own backyard, and without the smell of dog poo on the breeze! Now let me tell you… all that poo, along with the months of rain and snow, has caused quite a mess. Chances are that most of the poo has melted into the grass. It’s going to take real some effort to clean up.

But guess what? You don’t have to make the effort!! That’s what we are here for!! We have the necessary tools and skill to get your yard cleaned up fast!

So check out our Rates for one-time clean ups. Pretty affordable, especially when considering what you won’t have to deal with! FYI… Most yards under the current conditions (not cleaned up all winter and poo melted into the grass) take approximately 1.5 hours to clean up. That means the pick-up would cost you $97.50. Pretty reasonable, right?

So what are you waiting for? Give us a call!