About Poop Scoopers

The Poop Scoopers is a professional, owner-operated animal waste removal business serving Minot and surrounding areas. Finally, no more arguing over who picks up the waste, because YOU have better things to do than poop scooping!  We at Poop Scoopers recognize how unhealthy dog waste can be for the environment and water systems and work to bring that message to North Dakota one scoop at a time.

The owners have had dogs as long as they can remember.  And have cleaned up after them for about the same time period!  Those years of poop scoop experience are now paying off for our clients as our team provides thorough, professional poop scooping for your property.  Perhaps most importantly, The Poop Scoopers is a family business.

It is DANGEROUS to your family to leave your yard littered with dog waste!

There are several reasons (other than just the smell) why you should removal dog waste from your yard.

Many people don’t realize how serious rain runoff can be concerning their own backyard mess. When it rains, water washes from your sloped lawns and collects in areas that may affect many people. Storm sewers do not carry polluted waters to treatment plants, but rather they flow into lakes, streams and other publicly accessed waters. This is so serious that pet waste, wildlife and livestock waste are a very significant source of pollution!!

Just to name some of the parasites and diseases dog waste carries, which you and your family and your dog are constantly exposed to are:

Campylobacteriosis– An infectious bacteria that effects a humans digestive system
Giardiasis- An infection that infects the small intestines of a human
Cryptosporidiosis– An aweful parasite that can infect humans
Toxocariasis– Is a roundworm that can be contracted from dog to human that can cause a loss of vision, rash, fever etc…
Salmonellosis- A transmittable disease from animal to human that can affect many body systems

These were just a sample of potentially harmful diseases your family runs the risk of contracting!!

To avoid these complications, a weekly cleanup would drastically reduce you and your families risk.

If there is ever a time when our service does not meet your satisfaction, and you have notified us within 24 hours of having received service, we will make it right, either by coming back to re-clean the yard; or by crediting your account.